Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh Dani Girl

"Stuff like this always happens to me" she says. Stuff like this? As in gale force winds, blowing debris, blinding rain and 6 o'clock darkness lit only by uncomfortably close lightning bolts? I'm pretty sure at one point Dani or I noted that we felt like we were in the eye of a tornado. Two days later had we been back in that same field a real tornado actually would have blown directly over us. When Dani told me she completely trusted my artistic vision I'm sure she didn't expect to end up dodging skunks and lightning bolts... but hey... no pain no gain! The photos definitely look slightly out of the ordinary. A camera in your hand makes you a little braver than you should be... I've learned that. Dani is a good girl though!!! It was nice getting to know her a little better. Her sister Christin is a talented photographer in town too... so between ALL the beautiful photos of Dani that both she and I took she should definitely have ONE she can put in the yearbook. Good luck with that. It should be QUITE the task.


  1. What a beautiful session! Love every one. :)

  2. i jst loved d pik in wich d girl is holdin d suitcase in 1 hand bt yet shes holdin on2 dat chair..shes lukin far smwhr she might want 2 go bt stil ders smthin holdin her der..shes in d dilemma 2 stay or go ahead on her way..deep..luvd d photograph


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