Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kaitlyn & Ben's Wedding Portraits

Kaitlyn and Ben are young. The kind of young where you think back on what you were doing at that age and ponder the disastrous possibilities that may have ensued had you made the decision they have. However, on second thought, you think of the things you could have avoided if you happened to have found the right person younger, and you realize after spending 2 hours with Kaitlyn that she's more mature than your-29-self. She just happened to find and recognize her soul mate young. You hear that Ben overcame enormous obstacles to get to Arizona from Alaska for his wedding (for instance hitting 3 buffalo and totaling his truck only days before he had to be here) and you watch how he respects her and wants all that's best for her. You ask them to look at one another for a photo and you feel as though you should actually look away - they have what some don't ever find in a lifetime. (I'm very lucky that I did!)

You look in the rear view mirror and ask where they will end up living - both are following God's lead on that one. SO... you ignore the social norms that modern society throws in front of you daily that says love can only be sealed somewhere deep into your twenties. You find that love comes in different shapes and sizes and you reflect that marriage is a daily sacrifice at any age . You realize that we all in the end are at the mercy of God. Kaitlyn and Ben may you always love eachother as much or MORE as you did on your wedding day. Serve God and each other all the days of your life!

Since we were VERY limited on shooting time (like 15 minutes), I had to choose spots close to the church to shoot (challenging considering it's location). The people at the RE/MAX on Riordan were kind enough to let me use their property (it's a gorgeous old restored house!) and we also made a trip over to the Arizona Sun Building. haha... desperate times call for desperate measures :)


  1. Excellent pictures! You made MY brother look pretty... Really, quite superb! :) Not sure why you chose 29 as your maturity timeline as that is my age...lol (just kidding) I am very happy for this beautiful couple. Thank you very much for sharing your amazing talent.

    The Grooms oldest brother

  2. very innovative photography..........


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