Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jennifer and Barry

Jen's brother Will gave the most moving speech at her wedding. Will spoke of his trip to Burkina Faso (a West African country where Barry comes from)for their African ceremony in September. He landed completely void of local currency, unable to speak the language and culturally unaware of how to negotiate his way out of the situation. At that moment the world seemed huge and overwhelming and suddenly he realized how out of control he was of his situation. Alone. Then he spotted Jen and Barry who had come to get him and a wave of relief past over him. He said at that instant he had an epiphany: this is what love is. It's a person who is there when you've had the worst day ever, when the world and it's odds seem to overwhelmingly stack against you. A person who makes the world feel smaller and more tolerable. As Will gave the speech I realized that not only had he perfectly described the love that bonds you to a mother or sister or father - but to a spouse. Barry couldn't speak english but through the day I witnessed a touching thing take place - the silent communication that Jennifer and Barry shared - reassuring smiles and little squeezes of the hand. They both speak french but for the rest of us it was the moments that didn't hold words that were the most significant. Oh... that and when Barry stood up and started his translated speech with an english "Good Evening" - that was pretty awesome. Congrats you two. Here are a few favorites of your day. I know you will move mountains with your special work in Africa for as long as you choose to stay. You are clearly two very special people and I'm so happy I got to share your day!

We tried to find some Red Rock scenery in Sedona but it was the darkest, foggiest day EVER down there. At 3 oclock it was already getting dark. It was a challenge getting clear photos with my lens fogging up between POURING rain and mist. Interestingly enough though... it makes this unique. They were troopers... up for anything. Thank GOODNESS for cooperative clients. :)


  1. beautiful! i love the way you've captured the exceptional lighting!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks again for all your wonderful work. These first few pictures are amazing. We are so happy. Merry Christmas! We look forward to seeing more. Jen and Barry.

  3. Jen and Barry, what a wonderful set of photos, images of love and care. I wish you millions of years of life and love and friendship together! And I hope to see you in Rome or in the US, or in West Africa sometime.
    peace and blessings, Mike Perry


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