Friday, May 20, 2011

Morris Family Photo Session

Just when I thought they couldn't get more beautiful... they did. Hard to believe that already a year ago this little family was in my house getting newborn photos done of baby Ella. Where has the time gone? To me Olivia picked a perfect ensemble of clothing for family pics - coordinated but not too "matchy" - and fabrics with lots of interesting layers and textures. The blues and teals are also opposite on the color wheel of the reds and oranges of Sedona so it makes them stand out in their surroundings. Just a little pointer for future family sessions. Was lovely seeing you guys again... and well worth all the hard work to make Ella smile. :)

P.S. trying something a little different with the blog layout... loading it all as one image instead of many. What do you guys think? How long did it take to load? Better old way or new way? Going to redesign the blog soon too I think so feedback appreciated.


  1. the layout is awesome i think! and pictures beautiful.. OF COURSE!

  2. Love Olivia's dress!The colors are great:)

  3. Amazing job, of course!! Like the layout! Loaded instantly!

  4. These are gorgeous! I really do love how the colors pop. It did not take any longer too load. I think doing it all as one image can make blogging go faster, so it's a good idea.


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