Friday, August 19, 2011

A Million Things to be Grateful For

The night before last Wes told me before he went to bed that he'd be climbing the peaks in the morning and not to worry if I woke up and he was gone at 6am. I was actually disappointed for him when I woke up and work had gotten in the way of his plans. At breakfast though, we decided that a little family adventure could be the next best thing and that we'd head up the mountain for a picnic dinner at the end of the day. As the hours passed and the weather progressed into rain showers and a heavy blanket of cloud covering the peaks - a picnic started to look like a bit of a bad idea. Wes suggested however that we pack our salad and go for a drive - worst thing that could happen is we'd have gotten out the house for a break and we could eat when we got home.

Last night I watched the most beautiful sunset of my life. Turns out that the monsoon rain and heavy clouds combined with the smoke from seasonal controlled forest fires made for a spectacular show that only God himself could produce. We got to witness it all on our own from the flower clad meadows of Humphrey's mountain.... and to think we could have let a little weather get in our way.

It's times like last night that overwhelming gratefulness could have reduced me to tears. If I didn't live another day I've seen more beauty, experienced more love and been more blessed than most people will be in their entire existence. And forever my greatest blessings will be God's salvation and my little family:


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