Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daulton Family (+one on board)

Jimmy and Brynne were my debut blog post with their first maternity session. It's amazing to see what a long way I've come since then. Practice may not have helped me reach perfection yet but I think I've matured a little in my imagery since then. Brynne breaks every rule of regency being an awkward, bloated, less than attractive time in one's life (like a lot of us feel right there at the end). With just weeks to go I think she was at her most beautiful ever. So a little trip to the creek was in the works. Much to my surprise - even Ember wanted to smile at me this time. :) Ironically.. my favorite photo of the session is one of her not smiling. Go figure!

Can't wait to meet little Sawyer (who seems to need a little more time to cook - I look at Facebook every day to see if he's arrived yet...but alas... no luck yet!). UPDATE: He arrived right while I was posting this blog:)

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