Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love people that think out of the box

This photographer is one of them. I love how he thinks. Totally polar-opposite to my style. Give him a family photo as an assignment and he comes home with this:

So in editing Caitlin and Mitchell's wedding I sat looking through the photos that my tandem-photographer Reg Plett (known also as Ben David Plett) took of the boys pre-wedding. I laughed and laughed and then decided these photos needed their own post. He has an awesome sense of humor... one I'm not positive Caitlin will share in this particular instance... but you have to know when you set Reggie loose with a camera and free creative range... that you are NOT going to come home with the traditional wedding line up. At. All. And I couldn't add these to their blog post and risk taking credit. They are all authentically Reg. Love them!

Awesome right???

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