Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caitlin and Mitchell Part 2: The Portraits

Foxboro ranch never disappoints for a good wedding portrait location. Funnily enough every wedding I've done there manages to look totally different. Between the covered bridges, sunflower fields and horse ranch it always presents photogenic opportunities - summer or winter. Here is Caitlin and Mitchell's portraits from after the wedding. They chose to do them post-reception rather than shoving it in between. It's a great idea that I highly recommend... as long as you can actually tear yourself away from your guests early enough to catch some good light like this. If You missed it here is part 1 of their photos and a special post of the second shooter's amazing shots.

And one more post coming is their amazing "trash the dress" session. I have mixed feelings about doing these...this one turned out to be totally worthwhile. Caitlin had wanted some pictures riding horses in her dress so we pulled her own horses out to Hart Prairie road and took some epic pictures. Will post those later this week God Willing.

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  1. this is beautiful! I am planning a wedding at Foxboro Ranch for Sep 2012. When was this wedding held? I would love to catch the time when the yellow wildflowers are in full bloom.


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