Friday, November 11, 2011

Caitlin & Mitchell Part 3: The Horse Session

Day After Sessions. Trash the Dress Sessions. What else can you call the photo session that means re-dressing yourself in your wedding attire and doing something that requires a little more time or risk than you had on your wedding day for the camera? I don't usually do these... but Caitlin had her heart set on photos of horses, and to be honest I kind of did too. I'm usually afraid of horses ( i know... weird) but my camera usually makes me abandon my fears. Ask my husband about the time i ran up a slippery rock face to take photos of a passing pod of whales only to turn around and have no idea how to get back down. I digress...anyway... on their wedding day the sun simply outran us... so we opted to head out for heart prairie road one afternoon in the gorgeous aspen woods and take some photos with her eloped horses. I'd say it was worth the effort.

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  1. The one of them riding through the quakies is my favorite. Oh. My. Beautiful job!


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