Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sometimes you meet a person that you have an instant and unusual kinship with - who you understand and you feel understands you. Amy is like that to me. I think I've spent less than 5 combined hours with her in my life - yet I feel she understands some of the trials that I have been through of late more than people who I've known my whole life - and the road she's been down she has walked gracefully and with faith. I admire her confession - that God is big enough for miracles - and I fully believe I will see Addison (her oldest daughter) have a perfect heart. I got to go and take pics of her and JP's beautiful girls - Aubree being the latest (pictured at 5 weeks). I googled the meaning of Aubree and it means "magical being". I can't wait to see how she grows up and manifests that name! :) Here are my favorites.

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