Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Olsens

It's hard to believe on this balmy weekend in March (temps reaching high 60s) that a month and a half ago it was 0 degrees and I had to scramble for an indoor location at the last minute because the outdoors were too cold for a 4 month old. Amber and Richard came out from Canada to visit family (the cold was nothing new or exciting for them) - and for their photo session I chose the conference center because it was the only place I could think of that would have hospitable lighting conditions and enough space for a 3 year old's style not to be cramped. It's no substitute for the red cliffs of Sedona or the majestic peaks but the big windows certainly did the trick. I love this little family. She is a beautiful person inside and out (and has a phenomenal pianist and singer/songwriter) and he I discovered is a bush pilot and farm equipment mechanic. (Think flying into isolated farms where the only landing strip is the driveway...!) They had a long journey to parenthood - their children are miracles. I love seeing their little family grow and knowing that God answered their prayers. Hope you guys enjoy your photos.

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  1. these are precious! i especially adore the last one with the window :) this family is going to cherish these images forever!


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