Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pioneer Woman

About 3 years ago when I was really getting into portrait photography my friend Kelty Luber recommended I head over to a blog called The Pioneer Woman where she said I could find some great free photoshop action sets. When I arrived I found lots of posts where Ree Drummond (author) delivered easy photographic lessons with a healthy dose of her trademark dry sense of humor and plenty of good old-fashioned humanity. The anecdotes about her "accidental" ranch life and dirty munchkins were as entertaining as the info I was getting about photography. Every person who wanted to know more about photography from me was immediately directed that way with my (very long) index finger. I was hooked! I didn't even flip over to the cooking side (for which she has been made famous) till a year or two later. Her recipes transformed my kitchen and unfortunately my hips at the same time. Everyone in my community both here and abroad started mentioning her in conversation. Home schoolers, pot luck super heros, photographers, farmers, people who had nothing in common with her but love how she writes - Ree Drummond had become a super star.

Last week she ran a photography contest themed "Love" and I submitted a couple of my pictures. Imagine my surprise when the next day I pulled up her site to see my photo featured on the front page. I was so excited I almost hurt myself. So I thought I'd post a screen grab for posterity's sake. When trolling for photos to post I realized that I have literally hundreds of photos I could have entered into this contest and it made me feel so privileged at how much love I've been able to witness and record.

If you haven't been introduced yet - go take a look. You'll love it!

P.S. Here is that full horse session that includes the horse photo and if you like those you'll like their engagement session even better

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