Monday, September 17, 2012

Dave & Katy: The Evening Reception

I can't conclude the series of photos of David and Katy's wedding without mentioning the reception. It was a big bonfire party with great food (um... sushi!) and close friends and gorgeous dwindling sunset light giving away to strings of bulbs lighting up a big white tent. It was relaxed. It was SO much fun.

But above all the beautiful moments and clever details, beyond the big lunch barbecue and lavish spread of sushi - the thing I will always remember most about David's wedding (and I would venture to guess what will stand out for most of the guests) was one thing: Kyle Chrisholm's speech. I haven't laughed that hard in literally years! I actually saw people crying they were laughing so hard.

What to say in conclusion? Dave and Katy - I admire so much your ingenuity and ability to make so much of so little. Your creativity permeates every bit of your lives and your wedding was no exception.  I love your little farm, I'm happy you'll always have it stamped with the celebration of this day. David is no longer my "little brother", but now holds a place as my "big brother" who has made his dreams come true and has such a wealth of knowledge to share with me and so much enthusiasm to guide my own ventures that I WISH WISH WISH I lived closer. I hope your guest house will be ready for our next visit - the kids loved the beach so much.  May you always be humble and compassionate like I saw at your wedding. May you always be as loved as you are now! I hope I get to spend more time with your lovely family Katy! And may God always bless your lives and lead you to more wonderful things and places!


  1. Absolutely Stunning photos my friend! You inspire me to be a better photographer! :) David and his new beautiful bride Katy, look so happy and so in love and, from these photos, their wedding day reflected that! I love their little farm too! :)

    1. Thanks Laura. If you really feel like being inspired go check out or Now THAT is inspiring.

  2. great photos guys, looked like you had lots of fun.

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