Friday, September 14, 2012

Dave & Katy : The Portraits

Since Dave and Katy had their guests taken care of playing games and enjoying a bonfire back at the farm, they had some extra time to do some really beautiful unique portraits at a place a 10 minute drive from their property. An old abandoned military base. From the outside the fenced in repetitious structures ring of wartime encampments - but on the inside it's miles of spectacularly weathered green and teal walls highlighted by frosty sunset lit windows. Incidentally - the colors went perfectly with their eyes and as the sun dropped behind the old hangers glorious golden light lit up the glass.

What do you think? Coolest backdrop ever or WHAT!? GOOD idea Katy on the airbase - you NAILED it!!! (I love having a creative sister-in-law). By the way, I don't think you'll ever go hungry - you two can always go model for food if all else fails. You make a stunningly handsome pair. If you want to go backwards and check out the rest of their pics - start with their beach ceremony.

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  1. the most beautiful wedding pictures I've ever seen.....LOVE the backdrop!!!


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