Friday, September 14, 2012

Dave & Katy: The Beach Ceremony

David and Katy's second ceremony included just family on the shores of Lake Ontario. It was more of what you'd expect to see at a typical marriage ceremony - only with a baby strapped to the minister. Yes... ErgoBaby would be proud to see how well it's product works for working moms! This rocky outcrop is in Sandbanks National Park near Picton, just a few kilometres down the road from my brother's house.  What a lovely and unusual place this area is. A perfect place to seal your vows.

Next up... their portraits at the old Picton Airbase. My favorites!!! Here is them getting ready  and the farm ceremony incase you missed it. P.S. If you're ever visiting the County I'll plug my grandparent's B&B . It's a few hours from Ottawa and Toronto.


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