Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sophie and Ben in Italy: The Portraits

Shooting in this location was Downton Abbey meets Under the Tuscan Sun. Seriously. There was virtually no way to not get gorgeous portraits. Castles and vineyards and perfect golden light. It drizzled in the morning and I was pumping everyone up for moody dark skies (I love those too) but I'm grateful that we got that beautiful sun as cream on the top of an already unbelievable location to shoot in. From a photographer's perspective it was every bit as wonderful as I imagined it. Thank you Sophie for lugging that dress down a dirt road to that vineyard to satisfy a wish I'd always had.... you guys are super awesome! :)


  1. absolutely 'wow' pics... as always Sarah!!!

  2. Sarah.... these are breath taking!!! What an amazing and beautiful op to document such a beautiful story. Good Stuff!! - Lydia :)


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